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coffee break for heroes and villains
July 7, 2008, 8:23 pm
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Anyone who said that hip-hop on (terrestrial) radio is dead hasn’t heard Coffee Break for Heroes & Villains on New York/New Jersey based WFMU. Coffee Break…might play FCC approved joints, but they are the hottest ones on the airwaves. And I’m talking classic, ground-floor, stupendipulous hip-hop. The good stuff. Not just the old stuff, not just the new stuff. Every now and then your host Noah will throw in some world music, some funk, instrumental, psych, whatever fits. But at the core of Coffee Break…is the hip-hop you have been yearning for…and I can almost guarantee that Noah does it all for free—or next-to-nothing. WFMU is one of the last bastions of listener-supported, non-commercial FREE FORM public radio stations out there. They don’t even get university money–they do it all via the listeners and a cast and crew of generous DJ’s.

I honestly can not say enough about this show. I stream it every week. The guests Noah invintes and co-hosts with knock my socks off. From R.A. the Rugged Man to Prince Paul to Premier to James McNew (of Yo La Tengo) to Ladybug Mecca to hold up, Chris Nieratko(!) have stopped by. Thank goodness my friend Jason introduced me to this show. Without it I would be lost.

If you haven’t heard Coffee Break for Heroes & Villains, check it. If you already know, then send WFMU some love & (financial) support.

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That’s high praise for this show, especially considering you know more about hip hop than anyone else I know. But seriously, can you think of any other radio station where you could possibly hear KMD? Most slept on act of the 90s, in my humble…
And for those of you with iPods (other MP3 players are available), You can grab podcasts of Noah’s show too.

Comment by thatjasonguy July 9, 2008 @ 4:51 pm

Like hot butter on popcorn…KMD!
The ONLY problem I have with this show is that Noah talks too much. Other than that, I have yet to hear any radio programs (poor poor radio) come close. I had satellite for a minute & can recommend a number of hip-hop programs, particularly subsoniq (I had XM, so I wasn’t listening to Shade 45 or whatever, I hate 50 anyway). But who has money for satellite? Not me. I used to listen to a local show in Louisville called “Friday Night Sound Clash” but I stopped. Anyway, thanks Jason. I owe you.

Comment by steadyb July 9, 2008 @ 5:17 pm

Hey there,
Thanks so much for the kind words, yea I know I tend to talk too much (I was really hoping no one noticed!), I get sick of hearing myself at times….I’ll keep the chatter down a bit! Check out the Podcast (Coffee2Go), it’s ALL unsigned hip-hop demos, no one has a podcast quite like this one! -Noah

Comment by Noah July 25, 2008 @ 1:43 am

[...] smack about Lil Wayne and local celebrities has caused the ground to open up and swallow my favorite radio program (which I listen to on the web…at work…while I’m blogging…at work). Oh well. [...]

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